Wednesday, August 16, 2017


anti-alt ...  hrs© 08'16/2017

As I was lighting Shabbat candles, and chanting prayers in my heart for those I love, and for many in need of prayers, a different scenario was unfolding on the east coast.

The Friday night frights the shades of Nazi Germany, except; this was a college town in West Virginia. The Alt-White people came prepared with torches, Nazis flags, and a prepared chant. Their chant was terrifying, and anti-Semitic; “the Jews will not  replace us, blood and soil as they marched around the campus, saluting Sieg Heil.

On Saturday, August 12, 2017, the same group of people marched, and a tragic incident happened out of anger and hate.  The White Nationalists People, and the groups they belong to the KKK, neo-Nazis, and the White Supremacists created chaos and disorder in Charlottesville, W. Virginia. The Alt-Right had a mission to complete and it was accomplished.

Donald Trump was elected on a promise to David Duke, who was the Grand Wizard of the KKK, and the igniter of the Alt-White. Duke promises to his followers, “we’ll take back America.” The term Alt-Right stands for white power, racism, and anti-Semitism. Donald Trump promises to take back America with the Alt-Right as his foot soldiers.  Donald Trump swore last August that he never knew who David Duke was.

How did we allow this to happen again, how?