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For the last two days we were honored as part of a STEM Schools final showcase. 7th and 8th graders learned about the Holocaust. The kids focused on all aspects of the Holocaust that affected 11.5 million people, six million where Jews, and 1.2 million where children. The theme, Our Holocaust Museum, and the children created some amazing showcases.


The upper class wrote a song in honor of Holocaust Survivors, powerful. Nathan wrote the song, the music, and he copyrighted the song; four individuals including Nathan sing the song.

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One voice can change the world


The tech aspect of the Holocaust museum was phenomenal. The kids built a virtual museum using various types software like Blender it’s awesome.

In 2008, I personally started using Second Life, a virtual world, and created Holocaust presentations with Fanny. Fanny has her own avatar.


The science students learned about eugenics, and how Dr. Josef Mengele distorted the studies by using twins in Auschwitz.


The kids and teachers immersed themselves into knowing about the Holocaust.

“Fanny, how old where you?”
“I was 13, the same age as many of you.”

“Fanny, what gave you the will to survive?
“I don’t know how I survived, I was a walking zombie.”

"If you could change one thing that happened to you, what would you change?"
"I'd stand-up and fight evil, and encourage others to fight back against hate." 

We need more children learning and caring about humanity, and the effects of what hatred did to humanity. The Nazi ego caused WWII, created hate, fear, propaganda, and murder millions of innocent men, women, and children for no reason.  Can you tell me Why?

The Yimakh Shemo Hitler, did not succeed, he lost the war, and committed suicide, "I survived.” (Fanny, 2017).

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