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My name is Fanny Starr, and I am a Holocaust survivor, and I am disturbed to hear how old hatred towards humanity is resurfacing. Seventy-two years ago today, April 15, 1945, the British liberated me from Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp.  I know what’s it like to be torn apart from my parents, and to live in constant fear.

Our Holocaust work is encountering different people from all walks of life, and amongst them are Dream Act Kids, These kids fear their families will be torn apart. The Deportation Act created by extreme hatred in America is horrifying. ICE agents can come to anyone’s home, and do what is called an “expedited removal” with no hearings necessary. The act has lead to sanctuary cities for the illegal immigrants who’ve resided in the US for many years.

One teacher from Boulder, CO who contacted us is teaching her students about PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). The teacher shared a story of an immigrant’s child.

The story of a little girl from immigrants, enrolled at a middle school in Boulder, CO.

“Teacher, I think I have PTSD?”

“Why do you say you have “PTSD?”

“Every time the doorbell rings, my little brother and I hide in a closet.”

“Why do you hide in the closet?

“So the ICE agents won’t take us away.”

Children are hiding, teenagers are hiding, and humans are hiding.

The stories leave an impact on our hearts. The letters we receive are powerful, and we need to listen to their voices. We strive to inspire kindness towards each other in a world torn apart by hate.

We can Never Forget that extreme hate killed 6 million Jews because of one man’s ego.

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