Friday, June 17, 2016


balance...  hrs© 06/17/2016


Once there was a mountain, it was huge, and lots of light and dark obstacles from the past existed in the wooded paths. Gd's strength, and a village of believers helped on the paths to find balance.  Facing fear is hard, and dark, but on the journey pops of light would pop, stomping out the dark fear. On the mountain, gardens started blossoming; hearts fluttered like “butterflies.”

Gd or for some the universe listens to our whispers of ‘help me’ and our tears. We fix sadness, and darkness with joys, beauty, love, and trust. We face our inner emotions daily, a lesson unto itself.

We, the ones who lost trust, never had love, or who have been hurt; grant ourselves a chance to find balance, feel love, and learn trust again… Amen.

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