Sunday, July 26, 2015


unmasking hope  hrs™ Av 10, 5775 

Unmasking Hope

Life changed, and for a while hope was forgotten, and to give up on hope is a sin.  To regain hope, visions, and beliefs you let go of the past by resetting the soul. Yes, it’s easy to fall into comfort, but that comfort is not healthy.

Look at the person who cries, “I want to lose weight” while eating gross fast food. The lists are different for each individual. If you want to lose weight eat healthy as you rebuild you, crap food will make you sad.

One sure way to unmask hope is walking for an hour and take cleansing breaths and exhale. The walk cleanses the mind, helps the heart, health, and soul. The more you walk daily, weekly, you cleanse, and hope reappears and the soul rebuilds one thought at a time.

No one can change you you can only change you. Change is good, and respect the boundary by not disturbing the past, the past is gone. Heal and be healed…

Recently on a trip to California at a party, a little two and half year old watched people play Ping-Pong. The child stood up, took the paddle and a ball, and queued it up; the ball made it over the net. The child never gave up on hope.

1 Tisha B Av July 25 -26 

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