Tuesday, January 27, 2015


antiSemitism  hrs©  01/27/2015

I am a child of Holocaust survivors…

I speak up for my freedom to exist as a Jew. So many persons and religious groups around the world are attacking the Jews and committing hate crimes against the Jews. Facebook identifies Jews with labels and divulges their locations. Facebook is part of the problem by allowing intentional hate and they do nothing to fix the problem. Facts.  

The anti-Semitic hate crime that was committed against the memorial is personal. My late father, and his fellow New Americans built and dedicated the Holocaust Memorial in 1967. Here it is 70 years later after the Holocaust, and the world is digressing, and hatred grows towards the Jews. Did the world not learn from the past?

Education is the best fight against hatred, bullying, and bigotry. Here’s your first educational lesson, know the definition of the word anti-Semitism.   


noun: anti-Semitism; noun: antisemitism

     hostility to or prejudice against Jews.

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