Monday, October 27, 2014


16th St. hrs© 10/27/2014

16th St.

Is the image art, or just a photograph? 

I classify my photography as art. I’ll post an image, look at it often, and edit the small blemishes. Some images I’ll remove all together, because something was not appealing to me. I write many emotions that accompany the images. The messages vary, some are personal, some are religious, and some are for friends.  I like to thank the universe often…

Is the image 16th St., cultural, masculine or feminine; and how do you see the image?  What are your thoughts or opinions, please share.

My way of visualizing, does anyone remember the Maxell Tape commercial, wonderful classical music blasting? Watch and listen to the You Tube channel, and then look at the image…  I chose black and white, the orange and white lights glowing, and the streaks of light. Look closely at the words spelled backwards and one spelled forward. 

16th St.
Nikon D7000
Focal Length
Shutter Speed
30 s
Auto Release
Photoshop CS 6

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