Sunday, June 22, 2014


R - R Lounge hrs© 06/22/2014

R – R

The endangered neon lights along Denver’s, #Colfax Avenue is significant. Colorado’s Preservation Society is in the process of saving certain neon lights along Colfax Avenue. The lights are broken and in need of repairs and some cannot be repaired. The signs represent history along Colfax Avenue, “Gateway to the Rockies.” Colfax Avenue is the longest city street in the United States, stretching 26.5 miles. Welcome to Colorado, be adventurous and take a drive, and view all of Colfax's Avenue perserved neon lights. 


Colfax’s Avenue’s, R – R Lounge, neon lights are broken and are on the Colorado Preservation Societies protected list. The history of the R - R lounge, it’s a gay bar.  As the LGBTQS movement progressed in the 1980’s, the R - R Lounge opened. In 1984 many needed a discrete place for a discrete cocktail. The R - R Lounge was the discrete place to hook-up, and in 2014, the R - R Lounge is still a discrete gentleman's bar.

Today we celebrate all walks of life with #Pride…

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