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pink lemonade  hrs© 06/27/2014

Pink Lemonade w/ Yellow Freckles

Lemonade, a favorite summertime drink, and its easy to make.

5 Ingredients:


3 cups of lemon juice, squeeze 20 – 23 ripened lemons

3 – 5 strawberries muddled medium

2 cups of sugar (fine)

4 cups of water (more if needed)

4 – 5 cups of ice

Yellow Freckles:

One lemon, zest the lemon skin, use judgment on how much zest you want. For a bit of #spice add ginger

1 Large Pitcher:

Pour in squeezed lemon juice, add sugar, and stir the sugar and lemon juice until the sugar is dissolved.

Add muddled strawberries, stir lightly until all ingredients are blended.

Add water, and stir lightly, add more water, and a little ice, and stir.

Add the garnish, the lemon zest (Yellow Freckles).

21 and Over:

Add-in liquor, gin, rum, or vodka...


Pour over a frosty, iced, cold glass, sit back and relax. 

aah ...

dedicated to my late brother, Chef Moe

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