Monday, May 26, 2014

Road Games

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In 2008, I created the blog Dashboard Messages©. I blog visually through photography, and write my opinions.

One of blogs segments is called Road Games, the first game was Slug Bug, and every year since I’ve post a game. Today is Memorial Day, May 26, 2014, and the beginning of summer travel on the roads.

#Road Games are fun; let’s play a new game. I love art, and a great way to see non-traditional art is by visiting street art, better known as graffiti.  Do not be fooled, a few known artist are graffitist, i.e. #Banksy and Choe.

The messages the artist projects vary, social activism, humor, to personal emotions. The art messages are superb, and have a way of telling the establishment to go f _ _k off through art sprayed on a wall.

Road Game
Let’s play, the mission is to travel out of your comfort zone, and visit the places you wished you visited, but are to lazy to drive there.  Pack up your car with your buds, tunes, and co-pilots. Drive the car to your local downtown or Capitol Hill; cruise the alleys and back streets. Look closely at the sprayed messages, and use your Google to find the answers about the artists.

Graffiti – Street Art
Look for art that’s painted on walls, for art that incorporates metal and wires from the building. Take a selfie, and post it for your friends to see.  You’ll be a hit when they ask you where is that place, “that’s cool.”

Denver’s Road Game
Go find graffitist David Choe’s art, a total of eight pieces spread throughout Denver.  The David Choe image is a self-portrait paying homage to another artist Zona. The other messages represent political activism, fighting back and having an index finger waved at you. Hey, “No parking anytime, and that includes graphitized vehicles,” lol.  The May 2014, blog entries are images of #DavidChoe 's work.

Be cool, be wise, and have fun … happy summer  everyone.

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  1. Sound great, but you're right -- I'm too lazy. ��