Saturday, April 19, 2014


Kind hrs© 04/19/2014

I am lucky to have gone to Hebrew school besides regular school. I keep up with my Jewish studies, and I meet a few friends on Friday to discuss Parshah (Torah). My favorite Torah portion is this week Leviticus 19:1–20:27,  Kedoshim (ked o sheem). I learned about connections to others, unity, morals, honesty, and how to honor my own life on days I don't like myself.

The week’s portion is about morals, and how you want to treat people.  It’s not about one upping a family member, or friends in life. The portion is about sharing your successes so they’ll be proud of you, and treating people the same way you want to be treated. Before you laugh and make fun of others look at yourself in a mirror, and laugh, now you know what others see.

When people get along you overlook imperfections and a unity is created...

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