Monday, March 24, 2014

Second Life

Explorer Skin No. 3 hrs©
Second Life

Six years ago today, March 24, 2008, at 1:48 AM, my avatar Rezzed, Happy Rez Day to me... My avatar’s name is Explorer Dastardly and sharing a little of my SL with you…

What is Second Life

Read and watch the video:

Defining Virtual

Virtual, is not physical, but exists through a computer.

Sharing my first virtual experience created by a professor at Berkeley. Dr. Ken Goldberg, created the Telegarden. Dr. Goldberg called the Telegarden, installation art, why, because the word virtually was a mere thought. I watched the garden grow virtually, and everyone in my class thought I was goofy. 

My Second Life

My Second Life came to be via a college course I was taking called V.T. 2.0 (Virtual Technology). I doubled majored in Writing and Technical Communications and Media Production. Education in SL is huge and used by many different educational institutions throughout the world.

The online class was an adventure so we could fit in and “explore” Second Life. The adventure was awesome; I journeyed my adventures on a class blog, which does not exist anymore called My Words My Journeys.

Virtual Adventure Hunt

Find the coordinance from those numbers on the map. That particular location is the ElvenGlen Market, and it still exists. The other two locations where the Shaolin Temple and Greenies both those Sims do not exist, and Greenies is missed.

2) (Location: 113, 44, 27) First, turn off the lights. Menu item --> World --> Force Sun --> Midnight. You can either play a drum or dance for this task. To drum approach a drum and right-click to “Play Me.” If you’d rather dance, right click the glowing ball in the sky to “Touch Me.” Position your camera and take a snapshot of yourself doing one of these things.  

The adventures led to some amazing places, The Botanical Gardens, Non Profit Commons, the NMC, which introduced me to Cookie Island, which still exist. Cookie Island is home to many great artist, authors, and its operated by Thinkerer,  he's 80 years old. Read his blog, Virtual Outworlding

Second Life Synagogue

My sanctuary in Second Life, is Second Life Synagogue. A place I sit and feel secure when SL and RL problems hurt the soul. When my brother passed away, I sat in the Shul quietly and cried as my mind, body, and soul healed.

We invite everyone on Friday's to welcome in the Shabbat by virtual candle lighting. I also watch over the synagogue for Anti-Semitic hate, which we do get. We accept everyone who comes to us, but we have non-Jews who tell us to accept Christ. It's awful to hear those words just accept all humans and their beliefs. 

The Arts

The art and artist of SL are phenomenal.

One group is called NPRIL (Not Possible in Real Life) it was created by Bettina Tizzy, it’s non-functioning, but still has a presence in SL. A few of the great artist on the grid are Feathers Boa, Bryn Oh, Botgirl Questi. The music of SL features Grace McDonnough, Beth Odets Brown and others. The comedian I love is Lauren Weyland, show up Tuesday Nights at Lauren’s, the list goes on and on...  

Why Now Holocaust Project

I created the Why Now Holocaust with my mother a Holocaust Survivor who has her own avatar.  On November 19, 2008, was our first lecture at Cookie Island. We used a Machinimsit to do the first video lecture for SL and posted the video on YouTube. Here it is six years later and we are making a documentary using RL, traditional media, SL, and will incorporate Machinima Technology.

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has a sim and it's dedicated to Kristallnacht, The Night of Broken Glass,

What's Next

Philip Rosedale, the founder of SL and Linden Labs is creating the next level of virtual technology called High Fidelity, its in Alpha testing mode…  Read about Second Life and High Fidelity in one the blogs, I am one of the Alpha testers for High Fidelity.

Welcome to Web 3.0, the virtual future experience…

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ides Of March

Julius Caesar  hrs© 01/23/2014

The #IdesOfMarch

Twitter is remembering Philip Seymour Hoffman with the hashtag phrase, Ides Of March. The eyes are upon you, hail Philip Seymour Hoffman, you are not forgotten....

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Stairs /ste(ə)r/ Back


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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Morning Walk

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The Sages believe in "insight”...

As I progress with my health, walking, and a project I’m working on, I need “insight”. The walk helps me, and teaches me "Insight." Insight i.e.; I share successes with family and close friends; I share not to one up or outdo anyone, but to share me, because I want them to be proud of me. 

Many members of my family have struggled to achieve their goals. Many of my friends have cried and wanted to give-up their goals, I would not let them.

I am proud of you …