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Women, our hearts are precious and the No. 1 killer for women is heart disease. Today is national Go Red For Women, it’s a program designed to help us women know the risks of heart disease. Barbara Streisand is a huge champion for women’s heart disease; she built the Barbara Streisand Women’s Heart Center. Each woman has a health journey to share… 

The Journey

On the journey to change you get to learn who’s a real in your life, who’s a friend, and who the flip-flops are.  My Journey is about balancing my heart, and conquering ailments that can cause heart problems, i.e., quietness.

I was bedridden after major surgery to fix a life altering injury from a car accident. I weighed over 300 pounds when the surgeon did my surgery. I made a deal with the surgeon to lose my weight as I healed. I am still healing from this massive surgery; I lost my balance, and have had a hard time regaining balance. I didn’t want to live; a lot happened all at once and quietness seeped into my soul. Humbling …


I am currently dealing with a physical setback, but working on rebuilding my balance and strength. I am quiet again, and it does affect the heart. I am focused on my eating habits as I ride the emotional wave.


Had I not started to change my lifestyle five years ago who knows what could have happened to my heart?

I have been slowly losing weight, body fat, and inches. My eating habits changed, I never used pain meds; I’ll have a cocktail once in a while, and I worked on eliminating sugars and fats. I wanted my blood test numbers to improved as my eating habits changed.

Diet and Exercise

I follow the Mediterranean lifestyle; my version, I eat small amounts of meats and fish, I enjoy fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts. I eliminated wheat because of my allergies, and I am gluten free. I eat avocado's, olives, and I use olive oil, canola oil, and grape seed oil for cooking. The Mediterranean Diet is a well balanced diet for a woman’s heart.

Today I ate strawberries, avocados, almonds, pistachios, a protein, and lots of water. I made a chopped salad; red, yellow, and orange peppers, red cabbage, radishes, and romaine hearts. For a snack I had 5 oz of Sweet 8 yogurt, yum.   I My ❤️, I wear a pedometer to count steps, and I went for a long walk. 

My small amounts of dairy consist of yogurt by Sweet 8. The yogurt is 8 calories per ounce and is made out of whey (protein) versus curds. Lucky for me Sweet 8 is Colorado based, it’s local, and organic.

Exercise the heart, it is a muscle and my muscles became weak.  My regime involves wearing a pedometer, walking, riding a stationary bike, and weights for core strength to regain my balance.
I meditate and center my souls core through breathing, and balance with spiritual growth.              Mind Body Soul… 

I did the life changes so I could live, I love my heart … Go Red For Women.

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