Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Twas The Night Before Thanksgivukkah

Spoken Word Poem
by helen r. starr ©11/22/2013

Twas the night before Thanksgivukkah, and all through the house, children where screaming, Dreidel’s where spinning, A turkey was basting all on it’s own, and then we heard a thud.

Everyone froze, who could this be; “I shouted “its Moshe Rabbeinu,” he really does exist.” Amen.”

We heard a muffled “Oy gevalt, Oy vey iz mir, today is only Wednesday, I thought it was Thanksgiving, oy.”

“Who is that speaking,” with wonderment we ran to the stairs and froze? To our dismay we saw a glowing Dreidel, it was spinning bright lights. It’s true, there is a Giant Dreidel filled with Chanukah gelt.

We saw a team of eight menurkey’s, lead by Moshe, holding the parting Rod. I shook my head, I rubbed my eyes, I must be high.

And then I heard, Yo Yo Yo, I shouted, “it’s Hanukkah Harry, and he really does exist.” He visits families far and wide, spreading the message like a cantor on the High Holidays.  

We all stared.

“Harry, is that really you, you are a “Mighty Jew,” like Judah Maccabee.” He gave a wink and a nod. He started moving like he was davening, and humming, it sounded like,

“Oh Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel; I made you out of clay.”

And then all of a sudden the house lit up, really bright from eight shining lights, and then he disappeared, but off in the distance I heard,

Oy Oy Oy, Happy Thanksgivukkah… and to all a good night.

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  1. LOL! (You know, I've always wondered about a dreidel made of clay. Fired ceramic I could see, but dried clay? I have to assume the stem of the clay dreidel was made of wood, in which case why not make a longer lasting dreidel entirely of wood? Yes, I know. A real klutz kasheh.