Wednesday, November 6, 2013


My Ticket, The Who, hrs©

My brother passed away four years ago today, and I wanted to pay tribute to him via his love for music.

Music: represents sounds from all kinds of objects, including pots and pans, instant drums. Music can be loud or silent, and a person can choose what type of music they like. The first sound of music we hear as children are from a parent or grandparent humming or singing a song to the child.  Nowadays children are introduced to music in a car and its good for their development.

I remember watching The Ed Sullivan Show, Sunday night, February 09, 1964, “Ladies and gentleman, The Beatles.” I remember my parents cursing at the T.V. in Yiddish, “A bunch of hoodlum drug addicts.” Our family loves the Arts, and we grew up cultured.

I remember my brother playing music on his first portable phonograph player that spun 45-rpm records, and the speakers detached.  Here are a few groups that I remember hearing besides The Who: David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, Sly and The Family Stone, and the lists are infinite.  He spoke about the next shift in music, which occurred on August 15 -18, 1969, Woodstock, that changed music, and pop-culture forever. #Facts

The first time I heard my brother play, The Who, Tommy, I was 9 years old, and I was hooked on the beat, and the story of Tommy, a rock opera. My first rock concert; On December 04, 1971, my brother had to babysit me; the deal was if he could see the concert, and take me. The Who, Who’s Next Tour at the Denver Coliseum. The concert was so cool, and I was not allowed to take anything from people if they offered it to me, I was 12 years old. I saw Keith Moon, he was a crazy drummer, Pete Townsend jumped, and did the splits and Roger Daltrey was sexy handsome.

The Song Is Over, "I sing my song to the wide open spaces" great inspiration for my photo shoots. Other albums by The Who are The Lifehouse Elements, Quadrophenia, Tommy, and the lists are long. Google The Who, and explorer the band and their movies.

Woodstock changed pop-culture forever, and I am part of that cultural explosion, thank you Moe. I’m flicking my Bic at the Chef who is a Starr, I love, and miss you so much Moshe.

45-rpm by hrs© 11/06/2013




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