Friday, November 8, 2013


What Do You See? hrs© 11/08/2013

Rorschach Marbles

Rorschach based his psychology assessments on Psychodiagnostics (diagnosed by perception). Many call it the Inkblot Test where the patient looks at a series of inkblot’s on a page.

Eye Opener

The inkblot test uses Algorithms, and why are these rhythms important, because the Internet gathers our data based on Algorithms. Your emotional functions have been tested without you even knowing it. Facebook is notorious for gathering your information and then letting the computer make the assessment for you. But let me remind you, the entire Internet gathers your data based on rhythms and that includes music.

In the official test there are ten inkblots, five are black, two are black and red, and the others are multicolored.  A psychologist administers the exam to you, and you look at the object and define what you see. 

I took some images of Marbles, made them monochromatic to look like the Rorschach Inkblot Test; you’ve heard people say, “They lost there marbles,” which refers to ones mind…

Look through the marbles and what do you see?

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