Sunday, August 18, 2013


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In #life we learn about #emotions as we develop and mature. We learn about good, bad, love, hate, joys, sadness, laughter, and anger. Our senses help define us through life, and we learn about trust.

Some people develop a mean streak, and the mean streak imbeds their soul with anger, and they speak words of anger because of their egos. It's takes a lot to let go so you can move forward and some people just like drama and are cruel. I learned to walk away from those people, but some of those people are family members, siblings, friends, and lovers. Do not forget the world changed, and many have a mean streak. Innocent people get stuck in the middle, and tears flow, but the high road wins.

We learn about paths in life, one can take the high road, or one can fuel the fire. The high road wins no matter how painful it is.  The personal lessons can affect All human #souls by searching with meaning. Some will read The Book of Life other’s will ask questions, and some will take a journey through their own soul, by learning to accept. #Acceptance is one of hardest words in the dictionary.

As #RoshHashanah approaches many will work to make peace with people, but sometimes the peace we desire cannot be achieved. We learn to accept that we cannot improve the #Moral Compass of many, but can keep improving the moral compass within our own souls. 

I wish you all a kind #journey on the road to finding yourself, each journey is different.


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  1. We're taught that if we perceive a fault in another, it means that we ourselves have that same fault in some form and to some degree, however subtle. Otherwise we wouldn't have recognized it in somebody else.

    I have the "mean streak" you talk about -- the anger, the ego, the inclination to fuel a fire. It isn't gratuitous nastiness, and it yields no satisfaction. Why it's there, I don't know. I could posit many possibilities, most of which, in the end, would be rationalizations and excuses.

    Recognizing the existence of this quality in myself has allowed me to master it to the point that it rarely comes out in speech or deed. Instead I experience it as a streak. like the streak of a shooting star through my mind and heart -- startlingly bright and leaving faint afterimage that quickly dims and disappears.

    (I will also post this comment on the SLS page.)