Friday, May 24, 2013

Road Trip

Jerry Garcia 

Yep, it’s that time of the year again when people pack up the cars, and head on a road trip. We all no how boring road trips can get, “Are we there yet, No, but let’s all use our smartphones or big cameras, and let’s have some fun.”

This years game a Scavenger Hunt: Music as we travel

Where can you find giant picture of Jerry Garcia?
Clue, driving down one of the Capital Hill Avenues heading west

Where can you hear music played upon the Rocks under the stars?
Clue, You can see half a disc that seats 10,000

Answer to Questions:

I.               Don Quixote’s True Blue Bar on 13th Avenue and Grant. The bars story, a place where Deadheads could hang together, trip together, twirl together, and compare past Dead concerts with one another. It’s a place that’s dedicated to the Grateful Dead …

II.             Red Rocks Amphitheater a place where The Dead played for the first time on July 07, 1978. What was cool about the concert, the band threw out packets to the audience. The packets contained, pot, pipes, and rolling papers. The Grateful Dead loved everyone to be on the same high as the band. It’s the Deadhead way…

The keys to a successful road trip is the music, so load up the iTunes, and happy summer travels.

Please Do Not Drink and Drive.

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