Sunday, April 7, 2013

Yom HaShoah

Lest We Forget

In 1967, The Club of New Americans dedicated a memorial to the victims of the Holocaust, and the Six Million Martyrs who perished at the hands of evil. The Club of New Americans was created by Denver, CO, Holocaust Survivors; they brought other survivors and their family’s together so we could grow as a community.

The Holocaust Memorial was placed on the grounds of Hillel Academy; a Jewish Day School, in Denver, CO. Every April we went to the memorial at the school, with other survivors and there families. Through the years, the Club of New Americans Survivors started to pass away, and the services at Hillel Academy dwindled, the memorial became neglected, and forgotten.

I started to visit the memorial every Yizkor after my father passed away in 1998, its to remind myself that Holocaust blood runs through my veins. During my prayers, I cried, and I asked, "Adonai (Lord), please hear my prayers, please give me strength, please help me endure my obstacles," and I would end my prayers with Yizkor.

On Tuesday, April 02, 2013, I went to the forgotten Holocaust Memorial to say Yizkor, and to my dismay all the plaques where stolen. I was angry, and I cried, how did we allow something so sacred to be defaced because someone needed the money? The money might have gone for drugs or perhaps a family needed the money to feed them, whatever the situation is or was the memorial was stripped of its plaques.

Yes, it’s personal to me, to my family, and to my father, the late Zesa Starr. It’s personal to the Club of New Americans, and their families who wanted to remind Denver, CO, a memorial was built by Holocaust Survivors.

The memorial was dedicated to commemorating, The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, and Honoring the Memory of our Six Million Martyrs.



  1. Is the Jewish Day School still open? Who is responsible for the upkeep of this memorial? Is it possible, if the school is closed, for the memorial to be donated to a Holocaust museum--perhaps Denver or the museum in D.C.-- for safekeeping?

    1. The Jewish Day School is still open, and I contacted the school and they said they filed a police report. That is all that can be done, sometimes we learn to accept the most painful situations. It's a shame, and a forgotten memorial ...

  2. It is a terible shame that this monument lies neglected. We Jews in America complain about the neglected Jewish cemeteries and forgotten synagogues in Eastern Europe yet here in the US we have allowed a Holocaust Memorial to be vandalized and forgotten. Is the Jewish day school still in operation at the site? If so, they should be taken to task for allowing the site to be so neglected. I am the child of Holocaust Survivors from Germany & The Czech Republic and i am doing research to identify Holocaust memorials and museums all across north America. I was unaware of the one in Denver and will add it to my database. I would be pleased if you would allow me to use your photo with credit of course. There was a posting on Facebook about the memorial and how neglected it is. That is how I learned of the memorial. Julian H. Preisler -

  3. Julian, it is forgotten, and neglected, and a problem. I told the Second Generations they did not even care when I told them about the defacing. I say my prayers to give me strength... When Egos become too big and as hatred grows towards the Jews, how do you reach those people? It's a bitter pill to swallow...