Saturday, March 23, 2013


March 23, 20013,  Blizzard

Denver, CO

19° F Snow Falling and feels like 2° F

Wind N @ 17mph, Humidity 77%, UV Index 2 Low (Snow Blinds, wear sunglasses), Visibility 0 mi

Today’s weather, a blizzard with zero visibility that will leave many snowbound. Many businesses are closed, the roads suck, but we need the snow it provides us with water.

Sit back, relax, and make the best of a snow day… 

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Three Graces

Sadness, a severe pain related to sorrow, feeling alone, and quietness. I withdrawal from others and become quiet. Breathing in the tears as I process many emotions at once.

“I am glad I was able to shiver and wake my friend sort of it was sign. G-d must’ve sent it. None of us knew and yet we were suppose to know.” She touched my heart, my life, and another life, and changed our lives forever. She was devilish in her own way and a heavenly angel sent by G-d to guide us in many ways. She was called by G-d because others needed help, and G-d called her home.

The spiritual road trips; you educated me on religion, and the politics of religion. We did not always see eye to eye on the topics, but now I see things differently. The concerts at Red Rocks and Winter Park, and our drives up and down Trail Ridge Road, we had fun.  You helped me cleanse my soul from a pain so deep, it’ll take a lifetime to heal. Tears dripping… Thank you for forgiving me, and guiding me to be a better person. Amen.

Your favorite words from the Book of Ruth that you had engraved in Hebrew on your ring, “G-d my G-d.”  

I’ll miss kicking your bum in Backgammon. I’ll miss drinking Baileys and homemade wine with you. I'll miss your funny jokes. I hung the Three Graces in the bathroom.

I'll miss you forever…