Sunday, January 6, 2013


The Republic Plaza

I went out on a walkabout to clear my head and think. I did my thinking in front of the tallest building in downtown, Denver, The Republic Plaza. The sky was blue, and the air was crisp and clean for thinking.


By Helen R. Starr

As a child, I was told to “Think” before I spoke and children speak first and think later. Time elapsed, I am an adult, and I do “Think” before I speak. Let me share a phrase about thinking before you speak.

Before you utter words T H I N K.

T – is truths
H – is honesty
I -  is important
N – is necessary
K – is knowing

Do you speak Truths, with an Honest heart, and is it Important, and is it Necessary, and do you Know what you’re speaking about.

How many times have you spoken, and did not think. I am thinking before I speak. “Cogito, ergo sum…

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