Saturday, October 20, 2012

National Day on Writing

Everyone at some point seeks out clarity. We’ve heard songs, poems, and society tries to define clarity. I took a walk; I stood on a hill, and I looked for clarity.

© hrs 10/20/12

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


In 1969, John Lennon wrote the song, Give Peace A Chance. The song became the theme for the infamous “Bed In.”  The “Bed In” was a protest for the Vietnam War, and for a “Peaceful World.”  I remember watching the protests on T.V., and the song was simple, but the message was powerful.

John Lennon did not like the political views of Richard Nixon, and I imagine he would not like Mitt Romney. He would fight against Fracking, and speak up for Global Warming.  Those are a few beliefs that fit the songs message then and now.

Today October 9, is John Lennon’s 72nd birthday, and John Lennon would be singing his song Give Peace A Chance and Imagine. He’d be standing by Yoko saying, “We can bring Peace to the World.” I dreamt of another “Bed In” a fight against the crazy world with hidden gems of love, peace, and beauty.

In honor of John Lennon, please join the Peace movement.

© by hrs 2012  

citing, Ono, Y. Imagine Peace.