Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Road Games

Bleeding Heart

Summer is fast approaching beginning with Memorial Day Weekend. Many like to travel the roads and road trips can be a bit boring at times and at the same time exciting.  Suggestions try, playing Road Games, road games are flexible and not limited, and we all like drama free trips.  In addition, it takes everyone away from electronic devises and expands the mind beyond an LCD screen.

The game chosen for this years blog is ISpy


Limit each try per person to three tries to give everyone a chance. Then repeat with the first person. If you forget to say, ISpy, you lose a turn. You can specify the game by topic, i.e. Art, Graffiti, etc., be creative in what you want to ISpy. You can prepare the game before you leave similar to a trip ticket and print it out on paper again be creative. On the return trip, you can refresh the cognitive memory by refreshing what you saw.

How to Play:

Topic: Art, learn about the art in the area you’ll visit

Start by saying, ISpy something with my eye

Other Players Guess what it is you’re spying, ask questions, and limit the questions to three

ISpy something with red that begins with the letter H,
ISpy something with blood dripping,
ISpy something with a sword thru it

ISpy a Bleeding Heart

The Bleeding Heart is a piece of art that rotates in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, CO.

Let your summer travels be fun and avoid the dramas by preparing games in advance. The games can be played anywhere and are not limited to car travel.

Whether you sail on a boat, fly, take a train or a bus, be safe, and most of all have fun…

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  1. And the person who guesses it has to do a shot! (Unless it's the driver . . .)