Saturday, September 17, 2011



No, Not So...

The Jews I know respect the different religions around our neighborhood, and that includes the Christian Sabbath on Sundays. On Saturday, September 17, 2011, a man stood across the street from EDOS (East Denver Orthodox Synagogue) with a sign.  The sign was a piece of plywood with white paint “shouting, JESUS DIED 4U, JESUS LOVES U, JESUS IS MESSIAH.” He shouted those words and other words “YOU ARE GOING TO HELL,” as people came and left the synagogue on the Jewish Sabbath.  

Majority of people coming and going into the synagogue ignored the act of hate. One lady shouted back, “Amen, and Thank You.” The Sabbath a day I respect for both Jews and Christians alike, and going to Synagogue or Church is personal.  It’s a day to connect with G-D and empty a heavy heart, a day to see fellow congregants, and catch up on gossip. The joys of religion, the sad part is the violation of the sacred Sabbath by an Anti-Semite, on the day of rest, but hate never rests or sleeps.      

Sunday September 18, 2011, in Lakeland, Florida, a man opened fire in a church filled with parishioners and three people where shot, one is dead, one is in critical condition, and the other has non-life threatening injuries.  The synagogue is lucky that the man standing with the sign did not open fire or storm the synagogue. 

All this religious hatred it’s horrible when the world is in need of unity.


  1. I think an appropriate response to the guy with the sign is, "Jesus is just another dead Jew. We have so many for you to choose from."

    I have mixed feelings about fundamentalist Christian support for Israel. They will go on and on about how much they "love the Jewish people," and for many Israelis (and Jewish supporters of Israel), their financial support and tourism are greatly appreciated. In a way, there is justification for this. A rabbi was once asked how Orthodox institutions could take so much money from non-observant Jews. His answer: "We are allowed to use the feathers of a treife goose."

    If you ask these Christians friends of ours why, historically, so many Jews were slaughtered in the name of Christianity, they will likely say that "those weren't *real* Christians." Which is nonsense, of course. During the Crusades, during the Inquisition, etc., that *was* Christianity.

    As for being the Chosen People, I tell people this: Yes. The Jews *are* the chosen people. We are the people chosen, at a railway siding somewhere in Eastern Europe, by a man in a uniform and shiny black boots, to go to the left or to the right.

  2. I believe in God. I believe in the human race and it's ability to raise decent human beings despite war, hate, adversities...

    I believe in truth. Honestly. Self-empowerment. I believe in laughing until your guts split and getting laugh lines not frown lines as we ripen.

    I believe in expression. I believe in respect. I believe in romance, hot sex, best friends, great debates and delicious banter. I believe in Love.

    The rest of it is a matter of trying to explain the unexplainable by putting a happy face on it.

    God is in everything. He doesn't have a name... only an intention to be kind.


  3. Arite me darlin... thanks for the invite to read your post. You know where I am with it all.. I do believe Jesus is the messiah, but I don't go telling people they are going to hell... that isn't the good news.

    Have you ever read the new testament?

    Love and hugs xx

  4. Thanks you three Second Life people rule ... Yay


    First off love the Jew comment ... you made me laugh, and I love your humor Shmoo. Yes, Israel's tourism benefits indeed and so does the Israel's economy. The negative, you have Pastors and political candidates standing on daises around the country. The message, "Dam Jews, the Nazi's left them alive." Its hurtful and foolish to think people can "tolerate" bigotry for a shekel... Fundamentalist thinking. BTW, I get to meet Pastor Hagee next Sunday, he is one that threw out Nazi... Treif kop and narish. So many want to be the "chosen" I boast I am Jewish royalty, why, my parents are both Levi's, Poles, and gutten Kosher blood. You are a brother Shmoo. and virtual hugs are allowed.


    You are a beautiful, (smiling), and you speak passionately about "believe" and so many do not believe in themselves. I imagine that man was told he would not amount to anything. He lost his way from the flock, and might have been pissed drunk, I believe. winks...


    I respect all my friends religious beliefs, and yes, you value Jesus. I understand and I even went to church with my friend who is a Nun,,, The problem I have, is when we Jews hear, and read hate.

    Tolerance and hate share a very thin line. Peace unto you darling Nicky.