Sunday, August 14, 2011



Tu b’Av, the day of Love, happens on the 15th of Av  (August 15, 2011), a Jewish month in the Hebrew-Jewish calendar. The month of Av, is the eleventh month in the Hebrew-Jewish calendar, fluctuates with the leap year, and occurs between July and August.  Tu b' Av, always falls on a full moon, and starts at sundown on the 14th of Av.

The Israelis and Jews around the world acknowledge the day as the Hebrew-Jewish Valentines Day.  The day happens like any other day, many celebrate with love and all that comes with love. 

The images represent Love,

Recently at the Denver Zoo, two giraffes were caught mating. The buck Dikembe and a 1 year old fawn named Possum left the zoo visitors in awe.  Facts; animal mating does not take place behind closed doors, animals do it when they feel the urge. The zoo encourages mating, and many animals do mate for life. The bird species like ducks and flamingo's mate for life, just like us humans.

The holiday is for everyone whether you’re single, dating, or attached, just embrace love, and share the love. Share the love with all kinds of people, the world is need of love, All Is Full Of Love, and remember to love you... 

Sending you all love...  Dedicated to my friends who I love…