Monday, July 4, 2011

Freedom Flotilla II

#Stop Flotilla II hrs©
35 years ago on July 4, 1976, my family celebrated Colorado's Centennial, and celebrated the United States of America’s Bicentennial with a group of Holocaust Survivors. We also watched, and waited as The Raid on Entebbe rescue was happening.  We remember the moment when the IDF stormed the airport, freeing the hostages.  The world commented in awe at Israel’s act of heroism. The worlds Jewry stood as one.

35 years later, many Jewish activists, are standing-up against Israel and supporting the Apartheid, and the BDS movement. The BDS movement is behind the Freedom Flotilla II, and Freedom Flotilla II is currently acting restless in Greek waters. They are restless, and have the Audacity to violate, and become terrorist thugs. Now that’s calling the kettle black…  The group supports the Palestinian government that is crooked, and does not supply aid to their own people. The Hamas/Hezbollah, commits acts of anti-Semitism against #Israel and the #Jewish people by kidnapping and killing innocent people. The world is confused with these thugs; the very thugs that use their own people as human shields.

The acts of Semitism are hurtful and when people deny the acts and skirt around the topic that's disgusting.  Most recently in the news, Roger Waters of Pink Floyd committed an act of anti-Semitism. He supports the BDS movement, and he’s trying to punish the Jews. "My conviction is born in the idea that all people deserve basic human rights. My position is not anti-Semitic. This is not an attack on the people of Israel. This is, however, a plea to my colleagues in the music industry, and also to artists in other disciplines, to join this cultural boycott." (RW, JTA 2011). If that is not an act of anti-Semitism then explain; and it’s sending the wrong message.

In December 2011, I Tweeted to Roger Waters, and someone replied, "Give it a break, he's sorry, and he's not anti-Semitic." I replied back, "Read the definition of anti-Semitism."  

Who is supporting the movement, Activist, and these activists like Author/Poet Alice Walker?  These Freedom Flotilla II Activist need that time in the spotlight on the backs of innocent people of Palestine as shields for their own private agendas. #Facts.  Ms. Walker is citing with the abused women of Palestine, and is on the ship the Audacity. However, if Ms. Walker was really serious in helping the abused women, she would not need a Flotilla escort..

The Mideast is complicated and when fools on boats stir the rough waters, it does not help the problem.  Why couldn’t aid have been handled through the UN, Egypt, or the Red Cross? 

Thank you Greece…  Greece is in the middle of a financial crisis and is helping thwart off disaster by not allowing the Freedom Flotilla II to set sail.  

Am Yisrael Chai, I am proud to be a Jewish American, and Happy Fourth of July

Addendum July 10, 2011,
The Freedom Flotilla II failed to sail, the activist started to fly into Israel and where detained at Ben Gurion Airport.  The mission then turned to Flightilla and all the radicals where deported to France, Germany and Switzerland. What's sad, is the people in Palestine did not get supplies promised by the activist, but Israel has been delivering the necessities.

These Freedom Flotilla II Activist need this time in the spotlight on the backs of innocent people of Palestine as shields for their own private agendas.