Sunday, June 19, 2011

Denver's Pridefest 2011

Gay Military Men

Denver's Finest Gay Policemen

Dikes on Bikes

Tiny Bubbles, oh thats so gay

OutSpokin, he beat Aids

These Colors Don't Run

Today was Denver’s annual Pridefest, the annual event for the LGBT community.  Denver’s Pridefest 2011 theme is These Colors Don't Run honoring the LGBT Military.

As I watched the parade and looked at the faces of many, I wondered how many are half in the closet and half out of the closet.  A car in the parade carried a soldier Mike Almy and the grand marshal of the parade. He wore a T-Shirt that said, “Fired, for Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.” He was an Iraq war veteran with honors.

Think about how many in different communities around the world that is afraid to come out and fear repercussions for coming out.  The fears are real, loss of family, income, and respect because of ones sexuality.  I have a friend who calls those special souls the Unspoken, they speak up about issues and they support the community through the word anonymous. Look at the images and the faces, the police officers, their gay; imagine the Unspoken razzing they get.  The theme is about coming out, and not running from who people are, and no reason to feel shame for being a lesbian, gay, straight or queer.

Accepting the LGBT is hot political topic in the upcoming 2012 elections, and one of the presidential candidates is Rep. Michele Bachmann. Rep. Michele Bachmann says, “I can cure Melissa Etheridge of her gayness. That is why she had breast cancer because of her lesbianism.”  What a ludicrous statement, and I remind you Rep. Michele Bachmann hears voices in her head and she calls them angels, the psycho-logical term schizophrenia.

The OutSpokin gentleman is a friend, he battled Aids and he is one of the new breeds of healed, but not cured.  The year 2011 marked a milestone for many gay men diagnosed with Aids, the latest meds are healing, and some say, "Cured."

The world is comprised of humans, and we learn tolerance, and acceptance from each soul, no matter whether their Lesbian, Gay, Bi, or Transgendered.