Monday, February 7, 2011


Anti-Semitism is on the rise, and following the incident in Tucson, Arizona, where a gunman opened fire at a public meeting with Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.  The Far Right opened their big mouths and applauded the use of Amendment Number 2, the right to bear arms.  The gunmen killed six innocent human souls.  The tragedy of the shooting, a nine-year-old child who was born on September 11, 2001 was killed.

Sarah Palin, spoke about the shootings, and her opinion of Congresswoman Giffords because of Giffords vote on healthcare. According to Sarah Palin, ”Feuds use to be settled with dueling pistols.”  Sarah Palin is justifying her statement, then she lambasted the press, and accused them of creating a “blood libel.”  Another Anti-Semitic statement that is painful to hear.  The tables are turning on Sarah Palin, she was recently uninvited to speak at a gala dinner for families in the military.  

Rush Limbaugh taunted the Jews by comparing the Democratic Party as the Nazi Party. No, Rush Limbaugh was not done taunting, he then sang on the air "I'm A Nazi." The world voiced opinions, but Rush Limbaugh's rhetoric, and acts were tolerable.  The billboard that is adjacent to where the shootings took place in Tucson, AZ says, "Rush Limbaugh, A straight shooter."  The billboard's image is black and white, and with six bullet holes.    

Recently in Second Life, the Second Life Synagogue encountered acts of Anti-Semitism. Second Life resident Taylor placed a swastika, with no fear, and no regard for others. Taylor and Explorer (Helen) left each other messages in IM, but his last name must remain anonymous.

Explorer Dastardly (Helen) to Taylor

“Taylor, it is Jokes like that got and get innocent Jews killed in RL. If that is a joke then show me the humor.”

Taylor to Explorer

“[18:11] Taylor: dude calm down, I’m not a nazi. it was a joke.

Explorer to Taylor

“Waiting patiently for your reply... Justify your sadistic joke.”

Taylor to Explorer

“[22:54] Taylor: The only people who kill Jews over a swastika joke are the neonazis who kill Jews anyway.

[22:54] Taylor: My nazi joke won't kill anyone, don't be a melodramatic fart machine.

Taylor committed an act of Anti-Semitism, and his name was permanently removed from Second Life.  Unfortunately, severe acts of hatred are occurring in Second Life, but they go unreported.   

Stop Anti-Semitism, it kills innocent human beings.