Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Out of the Darkness

Out of the darkness, the heavens parted, and light seeped through in a flash. Life happens in a flash, and out of ones own darkness there is light. Sending you a flash of light, and positivity ...

Happy New Year!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Mitzvah Blessings Project



Mitzvah Blessings Project

For the last 29 years in honor of my parents, I started a Mitzvah Blessings Project. The mitzvah takes place within the days after Christmas and just before New Years Eve. In recent years, the mitzvah’s took on more meaning, and they are now dedicated mitzvoth. Amen.

The project began one wintery day with me wanting a pair Sorrels. I drove to the Sports Castle in downtown Denver. I went in and bought the boots. I walked out with happy feet, and the old pair in the box.

I drove around downtown in the snow and stumbled upon a heartening sight. Sitting at the bus stop in a heavy snow was a young girl. She was wrapped in a blanket, wearing sneakers, and a suitcase.

Taking a deep breath ... I pulled over and gave her my boots. I said, "You need these more then me." I offered to drive her to a shelter and she refused. I will never forget her face an image embedded in time.

I drove home and told my parents what happened. We cried. From that day forward we have fed, and clothe many lost souls.

The recent recipients have been a group of Gulf War vets, and we spoke recently. I asked, they shared what sacrifices they make, and what they do with those VA benefits.  “My name is David, and I came home an emotional mental wreck, and cannot maintain a normal life." The ones I spoke with send the money directly to their kids, and they sleep on the street or in shelters.  They sleep on the streets because they're severe alcoholics, drug addicts, and cannot maintain the jobs.  Many joined the military already broken mentally, and from abused homes.  Many had no high school education, but a basic GED, and the economy changed. 

They get little benefits and the hospital system is broken. The hospital distance is to far, and the VA system does not care. VA related news 17,000 soldiers are coming home within the month, and how many of them are broken mentally.  My VA suggestions, create a medical unit on wheels, and visit these vets on the streets. I would say that suggestion would take an act of congress, but they are messed-up.  


   The Group of packages
   Food, good food
   Socks, homeless value socks and gloves
   Sweaters, new wool sweaters

My family is doing the best we can to make a difference by giving back ... How do you give back or have you received, please share your story?

Dedicated to: Mom, thank you for standing behind me when I was falling hard.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse

Became One

The moon was high in the sky and the furthest from the sun, but on this night, the moon and sun became one.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


“The mightiest oak in the forest is just a little nut that held its ground. May we be grateful when we are grounded, remember to show tolerance to those that struggle, they are no less mighty.”--Unknown

My dear friend was visiting a friend, she saw a quote on the vanity mirror, and posted the quote. I was reading the quote, and thought about emotions. The holiday season triggers all kinds of emotions. The image shows branches intertwined, and the heart nested above and protected.

Sometimes we are caught-up in the commotion, and the commotion can branch in many directions. We also get emotional if the right words are not said, or expressed, i.e., joy, and love. If the negativity seeps in, it tears you, and everything seems bleak.

Like the tree of emotions, sometimes we have to climb-up, and out of the depths, and protect our own hearts. Give yourself those emotional words; enjoy yourself and love yourself, you count. Think kindness, and tolerance for your own soul, as you branch through life protecting your heart. Like the holiday shoppers stressing with their emotions, learn to be tolerant of them too.