Tuesday, August 31, 2010

ART vs Graffiti - Social Activism

Social Activism

Formal artists are supposedly bound by the arts aesthetics boundaries that critics set through the centuries. The supposed art standards for beauty are based harmony, pleasure satisfaction, originality, place, uniqueness, etc. Graffitists are supposedly street trained and are graphic, uneducated, and vulgar with their works, and anything is a canvas.

However, in the early 1980’s Keith Haring, a young artist changed art through rage. Keith was art educated, but he combined graffiti vulgarities with pop culture, and his canvases were the New York City subway walls.

On Thursday's, the trash goes out to the alley, last Thursday (08/26/2010), upon opening the gate I saw a story that left a lasting impression. The walls were tagged, and upon further exploration, it seemed our little artist tagged the whole alley.

The graffiti story had a beginning, middle, and an ending does that mean the artist was educated or uneducated, male or female, gay or straight? Does it really matter, no? By the way, the other neighbors where not delighted by the tagging.

Appreciating the beauty left on the walls, thank you mystery artist.

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