Saturday, July 10, 2010

Road Games: Slug Bug II

Recently Volkswagen started a new ad campaign called, PunchDub. The ad shows people punching one another when a Volkswagen Car drives by. Volkswagen has 13 different models to choose from and that is a lot of punching in one drive.

However, the ever-popular road game called Punch Buggy or Slug Bug has the same rules you punch someone when you see a Volkswagen Beetle or a Bug.  When you see a Volkswagen Car you punch the person near you and say, “Saw one or There’s one.” When you see a Volkswagen Bug you say, "Slug Bug", and then slug the person closes to you

You as the reader decide which one you prefer.  Personally I prefer "Slug Bug" the original game.  

Sunday, July 4, 2010

And the Rockets' Red Glare ...

rockets red glare  hrs© 07/04/2010

And the Rockets' Red Glare ...

I am proud to be a Jewish American, and my parents' immigrated after the Holocaust, my parents' value[d] their freedom. Recently in the news Helen Thomas was quoted, "Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine. Palestinians are "occupied" and that the Jews should "Go Home" to Germany, Poland, America and "everywhere else."

Who is "Them," they are the Jews. For the record Helen Thomas's family are of Lebanese decent, but Helen was born in Kentucky.

Happy fourth of July to a country built by immigrants of all colors, and religions.