Sunday, April 19, 2009

Anti-Semitic Incidents

"I was shaking and broke down, all the old wounds, the old wounds opened again."--Fanny Starr

As The Day of Remembrance (Yom HaShoah) approaches, Anti-Semitism around the world is on the rise. The key factors, the ailing economy and the recession are fueling the fire for hate. Along with the rise in Radical Islam and neo-Nazism and other, hate groups that target the Jews around the world. Hate crimes arise out of fear and anger and are motivated by hostilities. To stop such hatred participate in your community and challenge hate with education.

It takes one persona to make a difference, take the time to make a difference. Do a random act kindness; just think what one simple act of kindness might do!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Birkat HaChama Sunset

"A Jewish blessing for the Sun that occurs every 28 years when the vernal equinox, as calculated by tradition, falls on a Tuesday at sundown. Jewish tradition says that when the Sun completes this cycle, it has returned to its position when the world was created."

Kabbalist and numerologist had a field day with numbers involved one of the numbers 28 is significant to me along with time equaling 0. Amazing we all witnessed this miracle, the next time for the occurance is 2037...