Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mysterious Year Ahead

No one person has a magic crystal ball, not even the best astrologists or psychics. If the best astrologists or psychics are perfect, who and which, astrologists or psychics predicted last years events; no one did.

Like the image, the year ahead is mysterious. May the mysteries be exciting, healthy, loving, prosperous, safe, and create your own predictions.


H. R. Starr

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  1. Bad news for psychics. Good news for the rest of us.
    Psychics are paid to look into the future, and some of those predictions are pretty glum. Live Science recapped five professional predictions that we should all be glad didn't come true.
    • Elizabeth Anglin, a "gifted psychic," predicted that a swarm of locusts would destroy wheat crops. As far as we know, the wheat continues to grow. Take that, Elizabeth!
    • A "psychic medium" named Michael R. Smith predicted that "a major supervolcano is poised to erupt, sending ash all over the Earth, affecting world-wide political and economic systems." There was a lot of hot air from political pundits in 2008, but none of it was deadly.
    • According to a scholar, Nostradamus predicted that a global famine would kill millions in 2008. Live Science notes that while the cost of food soared in 2008, a global famine "simply, and thankfully, didn't come true."--