Thursday, July 10, 2008

Road Games: Slug Bug

Who invented "slug bug," and how did it become popular with millions of people?Wikipedia posted one theory. Share your thoughts on how you learned to play slug bug the game. The rules of the game: when you see a Volkswagen Beetle Bug you yell slug bug and punch the persons closes to you. The game can get unruly, and someone will yell ow!

Share a slug bug story.


  1. I lived out of brown '69 beetle for a couple years. My gf had a green one. We tooted up into the hills and traveled every road we could. Lived free, or very inexpensively anyway, and felt like we owned the West.

  2. We played a similar game - but we called it 'popeye' - you got to punch someone when you saw a car with one headlight out.

  3. A Brief History of the Beetle
    We don't do "slug bug" here but when me and my little boys see an oldtimer car we shout: "Koffiemolen!!!"
    (coffee grinder)

    When I was a kid we drove in a

    Beetle Busje
    . No safety belts...OMG

  4. Keep sharing stores about the “Love Bug,” “Slug Bug.”

    Volkswagen’s Beetles “the car that keeps ticking when taking a licking.” The future of Volkswagen Beetles the car that will synchronize with traffic lights and are environmentally green.

  5. I had never heard of Slug Bug until I read about it here. When I was a child, though, my older sister introduced me to a variation of the version that Mitch describes. The first one to notice a car with one headlight out yelled "One-Eyed Paddida!" and slugged someone nearby in the shoulder. It was comforting to read Mitch's comment, because I had always suspected that this was something that my sister made up on the spot in order to slug me. At the age of 56, I now see my sister -- who is 58 -- in a whole new light.