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dear protester, you’re a person with a voice, and your vote counts. 

it’s awesome that you show up to the marches against 45 and his double standards against humanity. you come to march, and make all these promises with your signs and messages.

“we the people”
“stop racism”
“vote him out”

But why don’t you show up to vote; on the one day your voice counts the most? 

on November 06, 2018, Election Day let your voice count at the voting booth. remember actions speak louder than words, so


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Today, 73 years ago on April 29,1945, Dachau Concentration Camp was liberated. Dachau was the first concentration to be built in Germany in 1933, and so began the history of The Holocaust until it ended in 1945.

On April 29, 1945, the U.S. Seventh Army's 45th Infantry Division led by Lt Colonel Felix Sparks entered the gates of Dachau, and could not believe such things could happen to human life. What Sparks and his men saw, no human should ever have to see. The trains where stopped on the tracks, and the piles bodies that laid beside the train tracks contained live bodies amongst the dead. My late father was one of those bodies laying by the train tracks in Dachau. 

Brigadier General Sparks gave a speech in 1995 at the United States Holocaust Museum. He was speaking about Holocaust denial, and I share his words twenty-three years later in a time where Holocaust denial is happening worldwide:  

Sparks (1995)

Tell us who were there that it never happened, instead of trying to disseminate your bigotry and hatred by total revision of the Holocaust history. Your efforts will never prevail.

We can never forget the Holocaust.

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What is Holocaust Denial?

The history of the Holocaust is being rewritten by Poland. Poland's President Duda (2018), "We have the right to defend the historical truth. On February 01, 2018, Poland passed a law that makes it illegal to accuse Poland of the Holocaust.

BBC (2018):

The law says that “ whoever accuses, publicly and against the facts, the Polish nation or the Polish state of being responsible or complicit in Nazi crimes committed by the third Reich… shall be subject to a fine or a penalty of imprisonment of up to three years.”

The law states that Germany was solely responsible for the Holocaust. Germany invaded Poland in 1939 and Poland denies any wrongdoing. That’s a lie. The Polish government helped to build the Jewish ghettos, the concentration camps, and the death camps; Auschwitz was a death camp.

The historical map of Poland (2008) shows a different story; the map reads, “The Holocaust in Poland.” The law is a historical tragedy being recreated so Poland does not have to hear the phrase ‘Polish Death Camps. Is Poland is trying to rewrite history and cleanse their anti-Semitic souls? Yes.

When the Jews where gathered, and the Germans forced them out of their homes. The Poles went to the homes and looted them, and than became the occupants of those homes. After the war was over many Jews went home after liberation, but where not allowed to reclaim their property. Denial.

The survivors are passing away and when the last survivor is gone people will say, “The Holocaust was a hoax.” A recent survey shows how denial grows.  Here’s a link to the Claims Conference Survey on the Holocaust.

Miller (2018) says:

While 3.5 million of Jews killed were from Poland, only 37% of Americans could identify Poland as a country where the Holocaust occurred. The notorious Auschwitz concentration camp was located in German-occupied Poland, but 41% of Americans and 66% of Millennials, could not identify the camp.

And 11% of Americans and 22% of Millennials hadn't even heard of the Holocaust or weren't sure they had, the survey found

Today, April 12, 2018, is Yom HaShoah, and we remember, and we can never forget what Holocaust denial is doing to history.  

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dear politicians, this is what democracy looks like... and the smallest of voices count.

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listen to the young voices; their message is loud and powerful …


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“why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?”

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                        a lot has changed in our world; today we start a new day.